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The Arte Sella, looks to be one of the most magical, fairytale woodlands in the world. Since 1986 this astounding destination in the Sella Valley in Italy has been dotting the landscape with the amazing works of over 200 contemporary artists from all over the world. A future holiday destination for sure!

From my experience, I’ve learned that medicine is a social science masquerading as a hard science.

An MD on why she left the field of medicine to pursue a PhD in Medical Anthropology. While medicine is strictly taught to be a “hard science,” many doctors and medical students are not taught the cross-cultural portion of medicine and interpersonal relations, which, beyond the general medical knowledge, is arguably the most important part in medicine. 

I’m sure most people have differing opinions on this, but I do believe most people get into the medical field underestimating the humanistic portion of medicine.

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We are as a society completely backwards about sucide. What we’ve done is we’ve reached a point where we consider the urge to kill yourself as a symptom of a biological brain disorder that needs medical treatment and if people don’t want it, we force them to get it. And what this does is that, first of all, it spreads fear around the whole issue, it makes it so we feel like we can’t talk about it, that we have to turn it over to professionals and then when people do talk about it, they are so quickly judged and then the interventions come in and they’re forced into the hospital or they check in voluntarily and find that they can’t get out or they’re in the hospital and they say that they don’t want a medication and then they find that they have to take it or they get provoked by the staff in the hospital and find that they are in restraints.

We have responded so forcefully and so oppressively to feelings of suicide that we’ve removed spaces where people can just talk about their despair. The most important thing for anyone who has any kind of urge to end their own life is to talk about it with someone. And we made it something that is shameful…We have a whole culture that you can’t be vulnerable, you can’t show weakness…So there is no space to talk about vulnerable feelings at all because you’re seen as weak, and a failure, what’s your problem and just get it together. And then, if you do talk about it, the judgement and the intervention is so heavy that you learn very quickly that I better not talk about that anymore if I don’t want to get locked up again. So I feel like we are just backwards and I encourage anyone who has suicidal feelings to find someone and get an agreement where the person is not going to judge them and not going to react and do anything without their consent and to talk about it.

And to recognize that when someone is feeling suicidal they have the same needs all of us do—to just be listened to and to be connected with because they have a reason for feeling suicidal and it’s not giving up on life. When someone gives up on life what does it look like? It looks like they go to work, they come home, they turn on the t.v. ,they eat their dinner from fast food place, they go to sleep, they go to work…that’s giving up on life. Suicidal feelings is a desparate need to change your life and an absolute feeling of powerlessness to make that change. Find out what the person wants to change and help them get a little bit of power in their life and to do that you have to talk with them.

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I’ve seen this quote floating around before. This idea is really important. I’ve heard that many of the national suicide hotlines have the alarmist attitude that he describes towards suicidality (which is soo fucked, but they have a lot of inexperienced volunteers working with them so it makes sense) and will send cops to people’s houses pretty easily. From my experiences working on a crisis line, yes, talking to people about suicidality is scary but so many of us have been there. It’s an okay place to be, it can even be comforting to some people to think about having the option of ending their life, and that’s OKAY. Because in the end, it IS their decision, and sometimes being able to feel that ownership over their life is all someone needs to feel a little better.

When I started making those weird voices, a lot of people told me how whack it was,” she says, “‘What the fuck are you doing?’ they’d say. ‘Why do you sound like that? That doesn’t sound sexy to me.’ And then I started saying, Oh, that’s not sexy to you? Good. I’m going to do it more. Maybe I don’t want to be sexy for you today.

— Nicki Minaj (BlackBook Magazine)

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I’ve been wanting to do a Sailor Moon reboot for a while. I’ve gone through three or four iterations of this idea. First it was a traditional superhero comic, then it was a sci-fi setting, then it was a fantasy setting… this is the latest iteration of the idea.

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